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  1. Study of the client’s operational needs (workshop)
  2. Proposal of space required for workshop
  3. Technological proposal of equipment according to the needs Workshop.
  4. Design proposal according to the client’s space (Layout in Autocad and 3D renderings)
  5. Architectural proposal
  6. Financial evaluation of the project

Design of automotive workshops and servitecas.

  1. Urban geographic location.
  2. Distribution
  3. Location.
  4. Productive processes.
  5. Blueprints.

• Economic and operational feasibility of projects.

• Investment evaluation supported with cash flows and operational and financial models.

• Import

• Nationalization

• Transportation to the point

• Assembly

• Installation

• Start-up (Previous compliance with electrical and civil works requirements)

Transportation: unloading, assembly and start-up of equipment for automotive after-sales maintenance.

Disassembly of equipment, transport, maintenance and later assembly with its commissioning.

Maintenance service

• Annualized equipment maintenance contracts.

• Change plans, equipment recovery and expansion.

ERP sale of dealer management and workshop

Basic workshop

Professional workshop


Training and ERP training

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